👋Introducing Audio AR Tour Guide

We'll discuss our expectations and overview of our company.

What are local guides expected to do?

They are as front liners in developing tourism who are expected to give the best audio services to the tourists so that they are feel satisfied and have willing to come back to this tourist object in other time.A tour guide has duty to inform about tourist objects and any point of interest in certain regions which spread out in whole country.

About us:

We are an Ottawa based Startup with the vision to make your travelling and leisure moments as easy as possible. Our mission is to produce award winning audio tours along scenic drives around the world. Enjoyed by travellers who prefer to set their own pace, but enjoy a fun, informative and educational guided experience. Using AR capacity is the ability to enhance search experiences by providing enticing and interactive information. Travel is all about creating unique experiences, and augmented reality has the potential to support this with innovative modes of customer servicing. Our Market place supports the Guides to create a unique experience for the travellers around. Get Stared within minutes using easy interactive panel to support your experience creation.

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