Local Guides Dedications

It is hoped that visitors can come back to the tourist destination not only come alone but also invite their friends, families or colleagues as a prove that they are really satisfied and impressed with the Audio guided tours of destinations that they visit.

Guide provides full information about the features and history of the location. As the importance of places is known by the guide, he will educate and narrates you all the local stories, history and culture as and when the location comes.

Local Guides should upload their own audios related to any experiences, places, cities and countries ( with regard to our priorities) on to their iphones.

All local guides must adhere to the following guidelines for providing Audio Tours:

  • Originality - Wrong information or false idea related to any places is not acceptable.

  • Make their audio tours as amusing as possible.

  • Bring your own knowledge, experience and personal anecdotes to the tour. This can make a tour feel particularly special for guests who are looking for a genuine experience outside the typical tourist attractions.

  • Share their insight and secrets about points of interests with our users.

  • Giving accurate and uncomplicated direction to a POI or SS.

  • Look for an area that can generally be of great interest to a group or a particular group of people.

  • Clearly and articulately provide information to guests in an engaging manner

  • Finalize all the details before uploading an audio tour.

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