How to build a tour

How to build a tour

Watch this video OR read the instructions below :

  1. Sign up in our website.

2. Sign in and continue any time you like.

3.You 'll see different sections:



You 'll see the numbers of tours you have made and essential information about them.


Built a tour

Point details

  1. Choose the type of place: POI/ S

  2. Add ''Longitude , Latitude , Radius"

  3. Choose a name for your tour.

  4. Add description.

  5. Add related photos .

  6. Attach audio file.

  7. Save.

Guides should provide some relevant pictures to his audio tour. These pictures can be taken by guide himself/ herself otherwise he/she must credit the websites which the pictures was taken!!!

Tour details 1

  1. Choose the price (CAD $ 4.99 , 9.99 , 14.99 , 19.99 )

  2. Select the country.

  3. Select the city.

  4. Add tags for the type of interests.

  5. Choose the trip style.

  6. Select walking or driving mood.

  7. Save it.

Some countries are not supported in the first version of our application!!!

If you choose those countries, you 'll face this warning not '' Location is not supported. Your tour will be saved as draft. We 'll inform you as soon as we require them in our next updates.

Walking route details

When you finish and save all the details of a point , this page will emerge.

  1. Add new point to start these pages for new PIO or S again.

*These information will be calculated automatically.

2.Save it.

1.Choose your own language here.

2.Delete , draft and review here.

My transactions

You 'll see all details of your purchased tours, total income, total outcome, and remaining .

My Account

  1. Personal information

  2. Biography

  3. Email ( you can change your password here)

  4. Add your account /card number here.

  5. Delete accoun here.

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