What is the difference?

The comparison of tours

GetGuide tours vs. Regular tours

1- Unlimited number of sale

Despite regular tours that you set up a price and advertise your tour on other platforms which usually there is a minimum & maximum number of travellers to perform the tour, GetGuide tours does require such thing. Once you build a tour, that could be sold to countless number of travellers.

Example : John is a passionate local guide in Toronto. He offers 3 hours daily tour and expect to perform it twice a day. Each tour is good for a group of 5 people and John is not willing to perform the tour for less than 3 people. if John be lucky and get booked both shift with the maximum number of guest, he can deliver his city tour to 10 people. If John use the GetGuide platform to build the same 3 hours Audio AR tour and publish it in GetGuide Marketplace, there is no limitation of how many people may download and perform the tour in a day. It could be simply dozens or hundreds or even more. No matter if a solo traveller is performing a tour or a group of people.

2- Maximum flexibility

Guides are human. They need to rest , sleep or even go to vacation. They may catch a cold and become unable to perform a tour even if they have been already booked for a specific day. GetGuide tour can be performed 24 hours 7 days a week. Our servers do not sleep! As a result if you need your weekend off to spend time with your family , you do not lose any potential income by missing a group of tourist.

Example : Luci is a local guide and work only daytime & weekdays as she has a daughter who needs to be looked after . As a consequent, Luci would not make any money on weekends or even evening times. Luci has recently built a tour on GetGuide and now she can make money even when she is sleeping or on weekend when she spend time with her family. She also notified most of the travellers who purchased her tour, perform it on weekends.

3- Tour as a Performance

Your tour is a label and signature of your eternal career. It's something unique and a very delicate task. Travellers and tourists can be fascinated by the beauty of your master piece.

4-Typical tours are time consuming.

Have to keep up with other pace. It’s easy to lose track of time. One of guides responsibilities is to pick up all the tourists or travellers. Always counting the numbers of them , make sure that they aren't lost. The other problem is that tourist always want to take photos but the tour must take only 2 hours so they neither enjoy it nor listen to your stories.

This problem has been solved by GetGuide. You don't need to worry about it.

5- Managing a lot of people in regular tours

Dealing with different expectations is a daunting task. Tourists can be very demanding and may have unrealistic expectations.

6 Keep up with a fix schedule

You may not be able to keep up with a fix schedule in regular tours due to having a child suffering from insomnia ,headache, etc . Mostly, you can not cancel your purchased tour or postponed it to another time people won't come out in the winter or in bad weather condition. or they have to reschedule it quit often.

7- It’s uncomfortable

It's uncomfortable in regular tours to talk and listen when you are surrounded by multiple guides talking about different subject areas. As a guide you may shout frequently , when it's high season in crowded areas.

8-Bad weather conditions

Do you live in a place which got a reputation of bad and changeable weather? Suppose tourists were prepared for the rain, Do they really hear what you are talking about? What would you do if at the beginning of an outdoor tour it started to rain? You would probably find a shelter or postpone your tour to another time. As a consequence you 'll lose your potential tour .

GetGuide platform

9- Language variety is our power.

Most tours are offered in English all over the world. For example, you hardly ever find a tour in Italy which provides a Turkish guided tour. As a result the local guide loses many Turkish tourists in Italy. GetGuide provides opportunity for any local guide with any Language background to sell their tours in their own language.

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